Fishing in Tonga

Target OneExperience the thrills of a lifetime in a South Pacific tropical fishing paradise!

Welcome aboard "Target One", a fast 27' game fishing and sport fishing boat, operating in the warm, clear blue waters of Vava'u in the Kingdom of Tonga.



"Target One" offers you:

  • More strike time for your dollar (Click here to contact us for charter rates).
  • The latest electronic fish finding and navigational equipment.
  • Your selection of light tackle or big game gear incorporating the latest Shimano technology.
  • Comfort on the water, for 3 anglers with room to move and clean facilities.
  • Keen and experienced skipper, holder of many national records and an impressive array of tournament successes.
  • Pick up services from your accommodation.
  • and best of all, "Target One" offers you:
    • a great variety of fishing challenges for both the experienced and novice anglers.
    • Mighty blue, black and striped marlin,
    • Awesome yellow fin and dogtooth tuna
    • The magic Mahi-Mahi
    • Hard hitting Wahoo and
    • popper-slurping G.T.'s

Tongan Record Spanish MackerelTonga, World Class Fishing

Photo on right, Tongan Record Spanish Mackerel, just 0.5kg (about 1lb) off the world record. Caught 2007 on Target One.

Blue Marlin (Pacific), Black Marlin and Striped Marlin, Sailfish (Pacific), Skipjack Tuna, Yellow Fin and pelagic species such as Mahimahi, Tuna, Wahoo (Valu Louniu) and a host of reef species including Dog Tooth Tuna (valu Tonga) and Giant Trevally (GT).

Other fish include; Kawa Kawa (Mackerel Tuna), Baracuda (‘Ono), Coral Trout, Dolphin Fish, Grouper, Job Fish (utu), Long Tom (haku), Spanish Mackerel, Ranbow Runner, Roundtail Seabream (mu), Shortbill Spearfish, Bluefin Trevally (lupo), Big Eye Tuna, Snapper Emperor, Emperor Spangled (koango), Queenfish.

Marlin for tag and release
Marlin alongside boat prior to Tag & release

Blue Marlin Caught on Target one

415lb Blue Marlin landed by Danny Williams on board Target One.

247lb Blue marlin landed on target one